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Dog Snuffle Interactive Mat

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Product description

Interactive Dog Mat for Training, Stress Relief, and Slow Feeding

The dog snuffle mat is shaped like a bone and looks even cuter. This activity mat is not only cute but also practical. Interesting puzzles are all over the mat, and they all meet the function of hiding food, which can effectively fit the hobbies of dogs.


  • The main function of this feeding mat is to help the dog develop better eating habits. We can hide the food in the mat and let the dog go to find the food, which can reduce the dog’s eating speed and training the dog’s foraging skills.











  • The snuffle mat is made of comfortable polar fleece, and the bottom is a high-quality non-slip cloth that is resistant to bites.

  • This snuffle mat is suitable for all dogs. The cute paw has a built-in sounding , which can attract the dog’s attention and stimulate the dog’s interest.

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