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Jolly Dog Tree Tugger

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Product description

Meet your dog's new best friend for solo play time! Toss this Tree Tugger Dog Toy over a tree limb or second story deck and watch them jump, hurl, and tug the Jolly Dog Tree Tugger for hours! The Tree Tugger perfectly simulates a game of tug-o-war for any size dog by using the included Jolly Jumper toy or attaching your pup's favorite toy.

  • - Chase: Sure to give your dog a run for their money
  • - Solo Play: Interactive bungee gently tugs back for entertaining solo play.
  • - Tug: Playing tug-o-war helps your dog relieve stress
  • - Made of High Density Foam
  • - Great for heavy chewers because you can adjust the height so your pup can't sit and chew on the toy constantly

  • Simulates a game of tug-a-war for any size dog
  • Use the included Jolly Jumper or attach your pup's favorite toy
  • Great for heavy chewers
  • Adjustable height so your pup can't sit and chew also
  • Natural length 140cm, Stretch length 240cm

Upgrade your dog's playtime experience with the Jolly Dog Tree Tugger. Let them indulge in hours of active fun, ensuring they stay engaged, healthy, and happy. Get ready for tail-wagging excitement with this innovative and entertaining toy!

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