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2-in-1 Smart Interactive Cat Toy

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2-in-1 Smart Interactive Cat Toy

The 2-in-1 Ambush & Tracks Interactive Cat Toy is an automatic cat play device based on the idea of simulating a hunting and tracking experience using moving objects. Each play time will be truly unique as the feather appears at 6 random intervals, keeping your cats totally captivated throughout.


This 2in1 interactive electronic cat toy has two fun ways to enjoy playtime!

  • The bright colored spinning ball zooms around the paw powered course firing up natural hunting instincts of batting fun.
  • The randomly-popping and unpredictable fluffy tail and feathers ignite a kitty’s desire to bat, pounce and kick.


Differ from other single-functional ambush feather cat toys, the cat feather toys add 4 types natural feathers with variability (3*Multicolored Feathers, 1*Purple Feather, 1*Fluffy Tail plus 1*Pearl Pheasant Feather) Cat loves it!! Reduce boredom setting in, while keeping your automatic cat toy remain long-lasting attractiveness!


This cat enrichment toys will help keep your indoor cat stay physically and mentally active with multiple ways to play! Hands-off ways to keep your indoor cat entertained. More fun with multiple cats! Burn off your cat’s energy and stimulate their hunting instinct!


The ball tracks cat toys with smooth and thick tracking edges ensures the safety of cats' paws. Pamper your fur-babies!

Rich interchangeable attachments including multicolored feather, pheasant feather, purple feather and furry tail keep your furry friends enticed with endless hours of fun and never be bored again. Low-noise operation won’t distract or scare your cat while LED lights up in an attractive manner.

Whether you have one cat or more, this interactive chaser toy will help keep your indoor cat stay physically and mentally active with multiple ways to play! Sturdy construction and anti-skid base fits for various floor surface during vigorous play. Well worth a try for fussy cats who won’t give other toys a second glance.

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