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Automatic Pet Water Fountain

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Product description

Looking for a way to make sure your furry friend stays hydrated?

Check out our 2.4L Automatic Pet Water Fountain! This water feeder is perfect for dogs and cats, and features an LED light that indicates when the water level is low. The mute design means your pet can drink without making any noise, and the whole unit is easy to clean. With a generous 2.4 liter capacity, our pet water fountain is perfect for keeping your furry friend hydrated!\

  • Clean Water
  • Design Pump
  • High Quality
  • Visual (LED)

Clean Water

No matter where your pet is, they can have access to fresh and clean water constantly. This pet fountain features a replaceable filter which absorbs odors and reduces the risk of developing illness. It has a stainless steel bowl that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

High Quality

Our Pet Fountain is made of an antibacterial PP plastic and a stainless steel lid, which is eco-friendly, odorless, and durable. It also has a simple quick-release structure that is designed for easy removal and cleaning. This means that it requires no replenishment of water frequently and can meet the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds, and other pets of various sizes.

Visual (LED)

Equipped with LED, which you can see the water level. When working, the LED is blue. The product does not work until the water level exceeds the pump. Powered by USB cable. Safe, hygienic, convenient top-shelf dishwasher safe.


Type: Water Fountain

Material: PP plastic + Stainless Steel

Quantity: 1pc

Item Color: White and silver

Water Capacity: 2.4 liters (80 oz)

Input Voltage: 5V,1A

Power Consumption: 1.5W

Waterproof: IP68

Waterproof: IP68

Item Size: approx. L18.6cm x W18.6cm x H13.1cm/7.3*7.3*5.1" (L*W*H)

Net Weight: 697g/24.6oz

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