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Banana Cat Bed

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Product description

There's Something About Banana Peels...

cat banana bed

If you’re like us you love your cat like your own child. They’re part of the family! Show them how much you care with your cat. This cat house that will have them purrrrring with happiness!

✅ Cozy & Comfortable - Give Your Cat the Good Life

✅ Semi Closed Lid Makes Cats Feel Secure

✅ Put a Smile on Your Face - Nothing Like a Cat in a Banana

✅ Irresistibly Cute!

This cat hideaway is perfect for most cats, small dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets and more! Whatever type of pet you might have they will be one happy camper that’s for sure!

Banana Cat Bed is the perfect retreat for your pet to escape to after a long hard day of meowing, exploring and sleeping. They have a hard life don't they!...and you tell me they live rent free! 😜 Show your furbaby you love them with a banana!

This Adorable banana shape designed, looks like a real big banana, very novel and lovely. Your pet will love it and it will put a smile on your face!

Offers your pet a private and cozy place. Soft Plush with elastic sponge. Super cozy to touch and sleep. Create a feeling of safety and a deep sleeping spot for your cat's nesting.

Give Your Cat Their Own Safe Place 

Every pet needs their own space, their own safe spot where they can go and relax. Banana Cat Bed is large enough for your pet but small enough to be discreet!

Makes a Perfect Gift Idea

This cat house makes for an amazing gift! Be the talk of the town among your pet loving friends with your incredibly loving gift!

And if you have a 🎂 cat birthday coming up, this cat hideaway makes a perfect gift for that purr-ty cat in your life. If you’re looking to give your cat the royal treatment, grab Banana Cat Bed. They will go absolutely bananas over it!

Size: Legth*Width*Height


40*15*10cm / 15.5*6*4in

S(under 3 lbs)

52*20*15cm / 21.5*7.9*6in

M (3-5.5 lbs)

62*25*18cm / 25.5*9.8*7in

L (5.5-11 lbs)

82*30*20cm / 35.5*11.8*7.9in

XL (11-44 lbs)

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