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Cat Climbing Hammock

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Product description

Introducing our Cat Climbing Wall Mounted Hammock

The ultimate solution to elevate your feline friend's lounging experience to new heights! Here's why this hammock is a must-have for every cat owner:

  1. Space-Saving Design: Say goodbye to bulky cat trees taking up valuable floor space. Our wall-mounted hammock allows your cat to lounge in comfort without cluttering your home.

  2. Vertical Exploration: Cats love to climb and explore their environment. Our wall-mounted hammock provides the perfect opportunity for your cat to satisfy their natural instincts by climbing and perching up high.

  3. Cozy Retreat: Made from soft and durable materials, our hammock offers a cozy spot for your cat to relax and unwind. Whether they're taking a catnap or enjoying the view from above, they'll love having their own private retreat.

  4. Easy Installation: Our wall-mounted hammock is easy to install with included hardware, allowing you to create a customized climbing area for your cat in minutes. Plus, it's sturdy and secure, so you can have peace of mind knowing your cat is safe while they play.

  5. Multi-Level Play: Combine multiple hammocks to create a vertical playground for your cat. With different levels to explore and lounge on, your cat will never run out of new places to discover and enjoy.

  6. Space for Multiple Cats: Whether you have one cat or a whole litter, our wall-mounted hammock can accommodate multiple feline friends at once. It's the perfect way to keep your cats entertained and happy, even in multi-cat households.

Upgrade your cat's living space with our Cat Climbing Wall Mounted Hammock. With its space-saving design, cozy comfort, and endless entertainment possibilities, it's the purr-fect addition to any cat lover's home. Order now and give your cat the ultimate lounging experience!

How to Encourage Your Furry Baby to Use Cat Wall Shelves?

Snacks - The owner can put the cat's snacks in front of them, and reward with treats when the cat walks forward.
Toys - The owner can put the cat's favorite toys on the cat wall, and the cat will climb to play with the toy.
Laser Pointer - Cats have the nature of chasing bright spots, laser pointer makes them use cat furniture by chasing light spot.
Catnip - No cat refuse catnip. The owner can sprinkle some catnip on the cat furniture.

Good for Health
The cat wall shelves caters to cats' habit of climbing, increasing exercise and reducing the chance of obesity, good for health. Besides, it gives cats room to climb and avoid messing up home.

Save Space
The cat wall furniture has ideal size for most cats to sleep or have a nap, its wall mounted design fully use vertical space. In the limited home space, leaving room for cats to rest and play.
Premium Material
The cat shelves is made of natural pine wood, durable and non-toxic, harmless to cats and other pets. The soft fabric is free from odor and color fading, machine washable. It can respond to cats body shape, giving them comfortable hug.
Easy to Assemble
Only takes 4 steps can install the cat shelves and perches for wall, you can easily install it into the wall when you use it.
Return & Warranty
If you're not fully satisfied, please fill in our contact us form and we'll quickly work to correct the problem.