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Cat Scratch Mat

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Cat Scratch Mat

Listen up, cat parents! Tired of your beloved cat destroying your furniture with their sharp claws? Provide a tempting scratching surface that protects your chairs, couches, and more with the Scratcher Mat.

This bad boy's made of 100% natural that cats go absolutely bonkers for. They can't resist digging their claws into the tightly woven texture - it's like catnip to them! Way better than tearing up your nice couch or armchair.

So whaddya say we protect that pricey furniture of yours? Just roll out this rectangular mat in front of wherever kitty likes to scratch. They'll be all over it in two shakes of a lamb's tail! When guests come over, no problem - simply roll up the mat and stash it out of sight.

The natural blends right into your decor too - no eyesores here. It's a no-brainer, y'all. Ditch those unsightly scratching posts and get the Scratcher instead. Wave bye-bye to destructive scratching for good! 

  • SECURE FIXATION: This cat scratcher mat securely attaches to furniture, preventing movement and protecting delicate surfaces during play.

  • CAT-CENTRIC DESIGN: Encourages natural scratching behavior without damaging furniture, striking a balance for cats' comfort and home preservation.

  • USER-FRIENDLY INSTALLATION: Simple design for effortless setup, easily adaptable to individual needs.
  • DURABLE TEXTILE: Woven provides a durable and enticing scratching surface, meeting cats' instincts for healthy scratching.
  • FURNITURE PROTECTION: Redirects scratching behavior from furniture to the mat, safeguarding against potential damage.
  • SAFE MATERIALS: Made with careful sewing for pet safety and longevity.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Rinses clean, brushed to remove debris and dries easily in the shade. Low-temperature ironing keeps it fresh.
  • VARIETY OF SIZES: Available in multiple sizes, catering to different furniture shapes and cat preferences.













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