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Interactive Dog Football Soccer Ball With Tabs

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Product description

Interactive Pet Ball Toy

Dogs are raised outdoors, and boredom may be one of the reasons that cause dogs to eat grass, so it is recommended to enrich the environment of the dog's activity space. You can provide your dog with some chew toys, such as fun chew balls and rubber chew toys. Dogs of medium and large breeds may also like to play football. Our Grab Tabs Pet Soccer Ball creates a fun, an interactive element for your dog to engage with. 

This is a multifunctional  Interactive Pet Ball Toy. It can use as a Frisbee, an interactive training ball, a chew toy, a tug of war toy. It can provide enough function to provide teeth massage for dogs, improve dogs' intelligence and interaction between owners, and relieve worries the dog have. This Durable Pet Water Toy is made of environmental friendly material, which is quite safe for dogs.

[Interactive training ball]

The owner can throw the toy with his hands, or kick the ball out with his feet, and let the dog catch it back. It can also be used as a water interactive toy when the dog is swimming outdoors to enhance the relationship between the owner and the dog.

[Chew ball toy]

There are many cotton dog chew ropes around the toy, which can not only stimulate the dog's interest in biting the toy, but also effectively remove the tartar, rice residue or dirt on the dog's teeth, and protect the dog's teeth and Oral health. The owner and the dog each hold one end of the nylon braided rope, which can be used as a tug-of-war toy. It can not only enhance the tacit understanding between the owner and the dog, but also improve the dog's physical fitness.


  • Weight: 261g
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 145.5 X 145.5 X 141.5 mm
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