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Interactive Electric Cat Fish Toy

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Robo Fish Toys for Cats

🐾 Ultimate Cat Entertainment: Our Robo Fish Toys for Cats are designed to keep your feline friend engaged and entertained. Watch as the swimming fish twist their tails, flash red lights, and swim all over, captivating your cat's attention immediately. The robot fish's sturdy design and random motion with blinking LEDs are irresistible to curious cats.

🐠 Realistic Design: These robotic fish exhibit realistic swimming actions, with fins moving quickly, then slowing down and speeding up again, mimicking real fish. They automatically stop lighting up and swimming when removed from water, eliminating the need to turn them off manually.

🌱 Safe Material: Made from new, safe, and environmentally friendly plastic, our Robo Fish Toys are non-toxic and will not pollute the environment. They are perfect for use as bathtub toys, cat toys, or dog toys, ensuring safety and fun for all.

🚿 Bath Time Fun: These swimming robot fish can be used in any water setting at home, such as sinks, bathtubs, or swimming pools. When placed in water, they swim with flashing lights, and when removed, they automatically turn off to save energy.

🎣 Cat Toy Fun: Our interactive and colorful robot fish toys are designed to encourage your cat or small dog to sharpen their natural hunter instincts while having fun. The built-in LEDs flash and light up, and the robotic fins move back and forth, gliding gracefully along the water to attract your pet’s attention.

🔋 What's Needed: 12 LR44 batteries installed. A battery installation tool is also provided for your convenience.

🔋 Battery Life Recommendation: To maximize battery life, we recommend placing two fish in the water at a time, allowing your cat to play for 3-5 minutes, then switching with the other two fish. Installed batteries last about 20-30 minutes if used continuously.

🐟 Fish Toys for Cats: These fish toys contain built-in LEDs that flash and light up when turned on. The robotic fins move back and forth, gliding gracefully in the water, making them perfect for catching your cat or dog's attention and encouraging them to overcome their fear of water.

Elevate your pet's playtime with our Robo Fish Toys for Cats. Safe, engaging, and interactive, they are the perfect choice for any water-loving pet.

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