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LED Luminous Dog Frisbee

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Product description

Illuminate Playtime with Your Pup!

Introducing our LED Luminous Dog Frisbee, the ultimate accessory for evening adventures with your furry friend. Whether it's a late-night romp in the park or a backyard fetch session under the stars, this innovative frisbee adds a whole new dimension to playtime.


  1. Bright LED Lights: With built-in LED lights, this frisbee ensures high visibility even in low-light conditions, making it perfect for dusk or nighttime play. Say goodbye to losing your frisbee in the dark!

  2. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, our LED Luminous Dog Frisbee is designed to withstand enthusiastic play and rough handling. It's water-resistant too, so you can enjoy playtime come rain or shine.

  3. Safe and Gentle: The soft, lightweight design of the frisbee ensures a gentle catch for your dog's mouth, reducing the risk of injury during play. Plus, the LED lights are securely encased, keeping them safe from chewing or accidental damage.

  4. Long-lasting Battery: Powered by a replaceable button cell battery, the LED lights offer hours of continuous illumination, keeping the fun going long into the night. Simply replace the battery when needed for endless playtime enjoyment.

  5. Versatile Design: Not just for nighttime play, our LED Luminous Dog Frisbee is also great for daytime use. The vibrant colors and eye-catching design make it easy for both you and your dog to spot during outdoor adventures.

How to Use:

Using the LED Luminous Dog Frisbee is as easy as a flick of the wrist! Simply charge up the LED lights with the included battery, give it a toss, and watch as your dog leaps into action. Whether it's a game of catch, fetch, or simply running around the yard, this frisbee adds an element of excitement to every playtime session.


  • Promotes Exercise: Keep your dog active and healthy with regular play sessions using the LED Luminous Dog Frisbee. It's a fun way to encourage exercise and burn off excess energy, preventing boredom and behavioral issues.

  • Strengthens Bond: Bond with your furry friend over shared playtime adventures. The interactive nature of frisbee play fosters a stronger connection between you and your dog, enhancing trust and companionship.

  • Entertains Both Owner and Dog: Who says playtime is just for dogs? With our LED Luminous Dog Frisbee, you'll have just as much fun watching your pup chase after the glowing disc as they do chasing it!


  • Material: Non-toxic, durable plastic
  • Weight: Lightweight for easy tossing
  • Color: Vibrant hues for high visibility

Elevate playtime with your furry friend and order your LED Luminous Dog Frisbee today! Whether it's a game of catch in the backyard or an evening adventure at the park, this innovative frisbee is sure to become a favorite in your dog's toy collection.

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