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Long Tail Cat Rolling Ball

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Product description

Our Long Tail Cat Rolling Ball are designed with a strong driver that allows them to easily navigate across various surfaces, including ceramic tile, wood, low rugs, and even high pile carpet. They rarely get stuck in corners, ensuring hours of entertainment for your high-energy cat.

Auto Shut Off: The toy features an auto shut off function, activating for 5 minutes and then entering sleep mode if your cat isn't playing with it. It will wake up periodically (after 2 hours) to check if your cat has become interested again.

Wake-Up Features: Pets can activate the toy by pawing at it, ensuring interaction even when you're not around. This motion-activated feature helps keep your cat engaged and entertained.

Three Working Modes: Choose from fast speed, slow speed, or interactive mode, which reacts only when your pet pats it. This toy is recommended for outgoing cats, with different colored lights indicating each mode (blue for fast, purple for slow, yellow for interactive).

Chirping Cat Toys: The toy emits realistic bird sounds to attract your cat's interest, providing an engaging play experience. The sound can be turned off by quickly pressing the button twice.

Easy to Clean: Simply wash away any fur stuck to the toy's gears occasionally to keep it clean and functioning smoothly. Enjoy hassle-free entertainment for your furry friend!

The fast mode is very fast. If your cat is afraid to play with it at first , our recommended to place the toy in a small space or turn on Mode 3 (interactive mode with yellow light) for them to adapt to it first. Trust us, this toy will become the favorite of cats.

New cat toys ball built in super driver
* Great grip of our interactive cat toys - Built with stronger power inside, make ball running, swinging, slipping easily on floor, or carpet. it has no problem transitioning from tile to thick wool rugs.
* Rolling ball moving and swinging rope, flashing led lights and chirping bird sounds, help you entertainting your kitty hours!
More Features

Automatic on/off:
Works 5 minutes and goes into sleep mode if cats aren't playing with it and wakes up once (after 2h) in while to see if they are now interested.

Motion activated cat toys:
When cats interested in game, they could poke at it and balls take off running. automatic cat toys will interacts your cats even you are out.

Easily found it:
Chirping voice will tell you where the the toy is. Once kitty hide the ball under furniture or couch, the chirping will helpfully.

Intelligent running ball
The wiggle ball running go ahead, or back, it change direction when hit to wall. Balls swinging, slipping and not easy be stuck in corners.
Rechargeable battery
Type c charging cable come with package, easily fully charge within 2-3hrs.
Add the rope on
Screw up the rope on, rolling ball with a snake tails will bring more funny to kittens.
Come with 2 tails for change.
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