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MeowTidy Mat

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Product description

Suitable for hooded litter boxes , covered , automatic , self cleaning , top-entry litter boxes ,litter pans furniture litter boxes and any other litter boxes.

"It does the trick! We switched to the magic mat and never looked back!"

*You have to sweep or vacuum the area in front of the litter box 3-4 times a week.
*You notice litter gets tracked all over the house.
*You have litter stuck to your feet.
*Litter area smells like urine
*Large honeycomb design traps 90% more litter than regular litter mats - no more sweeping! 
*Just pickup the mat and all the litter falls through and then dump it back in the box

Ingenius "honeycomb" design traps 90% more litter! 
Plus, the bottom layer is completely waterproof and slip-resistant!
Want to deep clean the mat? Easy.

Our mats and tough. durable and washable. Just hose is down and let it dry.

Durable and long lasting

100% waterproof

Soft on paws

Works with every type of litter!
Whether you use bentonite litter, Tofu litter, Mineral litter or even PrettyLitter's crystal litter.. This mat will catch it! 

More magic mats = less mess! 
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