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Pet Flea Antiparasitic Collar

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Product description

Product Description
Active ingredients:
Imidacloprid, fluethrin
Application domain :
T rea t m en t of flea infections, with an efficiency that lasts from 7 to 8 months. 
This product P re ven ts the development of flea larvae in the direct environment of T HE A N I M A L for 8 months.
It can be used as an integral part of the processing of allergic dermatitis caused by flea B I T E.
This product has a persistent action against the infestations of dog ticks, in particular the ticks of the Rhipichalus genus, ticks of the genus dermacentor and ticks of the genus ixodes (it kills ticks), as well as a R e p el le nt action against ticks of the genre Rhipicephalus and ticks of the genus dermacentor (he warns their meal taking), with a duration of efficiency of 8 months.
It is effective against larvae, nymphs and adult ticks. Ticks already present on the dog at the time of T r e a t m e nt may not be killed within 48 hours of the installation of the necklace and can remain attached and visible. It is therefore recommended to remove the ticks on the dog at the time of T re at m e n t. Prevention against new tick infestations B e gi n s within two days of the implementation of the necklace. This reduces the risk of d i s  E A s E S such as babesiosis and erlight in dogs for a P e r io d of seven months.
It also reduces the risk of parasitic in f ect ion transmitted by phlebotome, such as leishmaniasis, for a P eri od of 8 months. T re atm ent of lice infections.
Please read the packaging manual and consult your veterinarian or pharmacist for obtaining information on risks and adverse effects.
Efficient and sustainable
pushes and kills ticks before they B I T E. The necklace also protects against fleas and reduces the risk of infections caused by paras
F l ip pe r

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