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ScratchPad Pro

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Product description

Introducing the Cat ScratchPad Pro Laptop - the purrfect workstation for your feline friend!

With a fluffy 'mouse' for added fun, this interactive cat scratching pad transforms playtime into a full-time job for your cat. Say goodbye to scratched furniture and hello to strong, healthy claws!

Encourage exercise and mental stimulation as your cat paws over social media, swipes through celebrity photos, or catches up on the latest Mews. This cat scratch post alternative is a complete kitty workout!

Suitable for cats of all ages, the Cat Scratch Laptop adds a playful touch to any cat house. It's a unique and imaginative cat gift that stands out from traditional catnip toys or beds.

Let your cat contribute to household activities by setting up this creative cat toy. The cardboard laptop design is preassembled for easy setup, so your furry friend can get scratching right away.

Included in the package:

  • 1 ScratchPad Pro Laptop Scratcher Cat Toy with Video Chat "Screen"
  • Ball Track Pad Toy
  • Plush Mouse
  • Sticker Sheet

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