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Scuba Air Refill Hand Pump

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Product description

Introducing The Scuba Air Refill Hand Pump, your on-the-go solution for refilling your Mini Scuba 0.5L Cylinder Diving Tank anytime, anywhere. With no need for electricity, its compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability. Simply connect, pump, and dive back in minutes. Complete with all necessary attachments and spare filters, it's the perfect companion for underwater explorations.


◆Made of high quality metal, anti-rust and durable.
◆High pressure air pump by hand, with oil-water separator, compress dry and clean air into oxygen cylinder.
◆Easy to pump, convenient to operate, time-saving and labor-saving.
◆With a pressure gauge on it, you can know when to stop inflating.
◆Portable and practical, essential accessory for diving.

About this item

WIDE USAGE. Perfect for automobile tires, motorcycle tires, bicycle tires, inflatable kayaks, inflatable balls etc. Fit for PCP pistols, rifles and air guns.
HIGH PRESSURE. 3 stage high pressure hand pump, pressure goes up to 4500psi, 40% more efficient than traditional pumps.
PREMIUM QUALITY. Adopted advanced CNC technology, high grade 18/8 stainless steel materials, tungsten coating finish for ultimate fadeless performance.
EASY TO USE. Built-in oil and water separation function, helps air filter system removes of harmful moisture. Precise pressure gauge for monitoring pressure level, safer and more reliable to use.

How to use:

◆ Connect high pressure air pump and respirator
◆ Rotate the high-pressure relief valve
◆ Start to inflate, when the pointer reaches 20 MPa, stop the inflation
◆ Unscrew the high pressure relief valve
◆ Disconnect the air cylinder and cylinder

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