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Introducing ShinyPaws SteelBox, the ultimate solution for cat owners dealing with high-peeing cats and messy litter box situations.

Designed with reinforced plastic enclosure clasps, our extra-large stainless steel litter box ensures a secure fit that won't be easily kicked off when your cats jump out. The overlap design keeps urine contained within the box, preventing spills and messes.

With dimensions of 61*41*30cm and an impressive 11.5" high-sided design, ShinyPaws SteelBox provides ample space for big cats or multiple feline friends to comfortably do their business while maintaining privacy. Say goodbye to litter splashing outside the box!

Unlike traditional plastic litter boxes, our stainless steel option doesn't absorb odors, making cleaning a breeze. Waste slides off effortlessly from the smooth, nonstick surface, leaving behind no lingering odors or bacteria harboring spots.

ShinyPaws SteelBox also helps contain litter spread with its innovative design features. Equipped with a filter pedal and footboard, it collects litter from your cat's paws, keeping your floors clean and reducing litter usage.


For added convenience, each SteelBox comes with a litter scoop and wall-mountable scoop holder, making maintenance easier than ever. With a large capacity of up to 20L of litter, you can rest assured knowing your cat will have a clean and hygienic environment for up to 30 days, even when you're away.

Say goodbye to litter box woes and hello to a cleaner, happier home with ShinyPaws SteelBox – the ultimate choice for discerning cat owners everywhere.

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