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Slow Feeder Pet Bowl

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Product description

Benefits of Using a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl

Control Dog's Eating Speed

If your dog eats too fast, the slow feeder dog bowl can effectively control its eating speed. No more worrying about gobbling.

No More Tummy Troubles

Slow feeders prevent dogs from getting bloated or unwell after eating.

Healthy Eating

Fast-eating dogs may not chew their food. Slow feeders help dogs chew and digest.

Weight Management

Fast-eating dogs might gain weight. Slow feeders keep dogs from overeating.

Fun and Stimulation

Slow feeders make dogs enjoy meals! They make eating entertaining with barriers or puzzles.

Why Choose Slow Feeders for Dogs?

Super Non-Slip Bottom

This heavy dog bowl features a super non-slip bottom, ensuring it remains stable during feeding, preventing spills, and keeping your floors clean.

Free Your Hands

Our bowls are easy to clean and are dishwasher, microwave, and disinfection cabinet safe — no more chores to worry about.

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