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Wiggly Pong

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Wiggly Pong Pack is the ultimate collection of cat toys

Animated GIFEncourage Your Cat To Exercise

Bring excitement and joy to your feline friend with our Jiggle Ball & Tail! Made with high-quality materials, this toy provides endless entertainment for your cat. Its unique design features a wiggly movement that is sure to stimulate your cat's natural hunting instincts and keep them engaged for hours

Ensure the best safety

You can rest assured that your pets won’t be poisoned when they chew the ball since it’s made from non-toxic and food grade plastic. 

Sharpen their instinct

Not only is this an amazing toy to keep felines engaged for hours, it also helps to boost various skills, keeps them busy and active and protects your furniture from severe destruction.

Grab the best toy for your kittens!

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